Something about me

I’m a French/German Artist and Screen Printer Living in Berlin

After a year in plastic arts at the University of Rennes 2, I entered the HEAR in Strasbourg and 4 years later I got my National Artist diploma in 2016. After that I went to the CFPI for an advanced job qualification training to deepen my knowledge in arts and as an Artist.

Since then, I’ve been practising screen printing and sharing my passion for this amazing printing process.

In my work as an artist or as a screen printer I’ve been playing with all sorts of inks, working on illustrations, Installing and creating exhibitions. I explore all sides of screen printing through the diversity of my work.

I now live and work in Berlin, and had the chance of mounting a workshop at the Krumulus book store in Kreuzberg where I work as an artist and a printer. I also had the chance of working in a school as an art teacher and on the side I enjoy working, painting and drawing for myself.
Furthermore I design shop windows and privat, news projects are welcome!

I am mostly working with waterbased ink as much as possible without chemicals, with materials mostly bought locally here in Berlin or in Germany.


TIEFE·N, Contempory Art collective exhibition, may 2019, TuFa, Trier, Germany.

Poiscailles d’Avril, personnal screen print exhibition, april 2019, Fabrik’ Anatomic, Haguenau, France.

Profondeurs, collective exhibition, september-october 2018, Galerie Faubourg 12, Strasbourg, France.

Bass Couture, collective screen print exhibition, may 2017, Motoco, Mulhouse, France.

La mécanique des plantes, collective exhibition, may 2016, Pavillon des Sciences, Montbéliard, France.

So Far, collective exhibition, january 2016, Casino, Luxembourg.

Flying Carpet, collective exhibition, may 2015, Pavillon des Sciences, Montbéliard, France.

Janus 31, collective exhibition, january 2015, CRAC Alsace, France.

Quallen der Untiefen, Personal exhibition, december 2014, Bretagne, France.

It’s why you can’t get the toothpaste back in the tube, collective exhibition, march 2013, FRAC Alsace, France.


Centre de formation des plasticiens intervenants (Pedagogical Training for Artist)/ CFPI : 2016-2017.

Diplôme national supérieur d’expression plastique (Art Master)/ DNSEP : 2015-2016.

Diplôme national d’arts plastiques (Art Bachelor)/ DNAP : 2013-2014.

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