Screen printed bound book,20×31,5cm, 48(24 feuilles et 48 pages) pages, Strasbourg, France – 2018-2019 – Limited Edition : 26 copies.


In contrast with the black of the sheet, Emma Thiel guides us towards the light of the depths, the one we do not know but which turns out to be the place of the most surprising, unusual, even magical creatures… This magic is also embodied by the phosphorescent ink which interferes in the painting of these depths, on the fish side or the landscape side, this luminescence carries us along the pages towards worlds apart.
Realized in silkscreen printing, this project of illustration of the abyss has a captivating collaboration by a freedom of writings, stories or fictions that come to merge with the illustrations thanks to the transparency of the layer.
This work makes us travel in a fascinating world, an immersion in this environment set in motion by the accuracy of the line and the curves and by the color that attracts the eye…
In Emma Thiel’s artistic career, the discovery of silkscreen printing marked a turning point in her work, which today is declined by a permanent research in this field of illustration in all its forms.
– Catherine Le Badézet – Art therapist.


Screen printed bound book,20×31,5cm, 48(24 feuilles et 48 pages) pages, Strasbourg, France – 2018-2019 – Limited Edition : 26 copies.

This book is available for 95€ – contact me per mail at peel.serigraphie@gmail.com

(All books are signed and numbered)


I would like to thank the Grand-Est region for its financial support. I would also like to thank my family and friends for their constant support, Mona Leu-Leu for the graphic design and editorial advice, the imprimerie du Boulevard for the printing of the text, Paul Dorsi for his presence and material support, Catherine Le Badezet for her proofreading and corrections. Special thanks go to the authors of the texts who responded quickly and creatively. I am delighted to have been able to produce this work in silkscreen printing. Our Earth, which has been in constant motion since its origin, has seen significant changes over the millennia. Humanity is animated by the idea of understanding the movements of this globe that serves as its habitat. Although knowledge
of our world is becoming more and more thorough and documented, there are still areas of darkness such as the ocean floor. The abyss, the ocean floor and the creatures that live there have always been my passion. With this book I pay homage to this mysterious and fascinating environment that must be protected and preserved at all costs.

Cover and illustrations: Emma Thiel – Peel Sérigraphie – summer 2019.
Graphic design: Mona Leu-Leu
Typography: Wildlife used
in this book was created by Alice Savoie
on the occasion of an order from the Centre
national arts and crafts partnership
with the National Printing Group.
The texts: in the order of publication in
the work:
Mathieu Zanellato,
Elodie Marandon,
Adrien Journel,
Ferdinand Stephane-Coldefy,
Laurent Santi,
Theo De Clara,
Christiane Geoffroy,
Colin Thil,
Sina Guntermann,
Liam Thiel,
Thomas Le petitcorps.
Illustration, conception, realization :
Emma Thiel


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